Carnwath linked with Carstairs Unrestricted Call

Carnwath and Carstairs will fall vacant on 27th February 2019 with the translation of their minister to a new charge.

This is a vibrant and exciting charge where the congregations have sought to understand mission in a new way. Carnwath meet for worship in the Town Hall after recognising the buildings were holding them back in terms of mission and energy and have found a rejuvenation and confidence in their worship and service. Carstairs are about to undergo a major sanctuary modernisation project and have been successful in seeking substantial grant assistance for the project. It is hoped that this modernised sanctuary will help to provide a base for new patterns of worship including the very successful Messy Church.

The parish Profile can be downloaded from this page.

Carnwath Town Hall - Main Street, Carnwath, ML11 8HJ
Carstairs Church - Lanark Road, Carstairs, ML11 8QQ


Interim Moderator

Mr Denham MacDougall

Clerk to Nominating Committee

Mrs Mabel Morris