Vacant Congregations

The congregations on this page are currently seeking a minister to continue to guide their journey in faith. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the Parish Profiles.

Within the Presbytery of Lanark there is a strong ethos on supporting those who minister within our congregations. As a relatively small presbytery all of our ministers get to know each other, and make a contribution to the running and effectiveness of our Presbytery. We aim to allow new ministers to 'settle in' to their charge and get to know their congregation and colleagues before asking for significant involvement within Presbytery ... although a new minister's voice and perspective are always welcome.

As a Presbytery we support ministers as they enter a new charge by ensuring, 

  • that all manses are fit for purpose and ready for occupation, through a robust presbytery led property inspection programme,
  • that congregations and Kirk Sessions understand their role in helping support a new ministry,
  • that financial courts understand the obligations on the congregation in terms of removal expenses and disturbance allowance,
  • and through an instruction of Presbytery that each charge will provide, as a matter of policy, a computer, printer and consumables, software and broadband internet access to their minister as a necessary part of their annual budget, with the computer expected to be replaced every 3-4 years depending on usage.

As a Presbytery encourage new ministers, especially those in their first five years but also those a few years from pondering retirement, to engage with support from colleagues within presbytery, who are there to listen and advise. 

As a Presbytery we encourage congregations to develop new ideas of ministry and witness to their communities and seek to provide some development funding from the Ministry and Mission Variance to enable these to develop and flourish.

As a Presbytery we encourage ministers to make use of opportunities for professional development and support through the ASCEND programme, and also through more local initiatives. Many of our ministers have utilised Study Leave, Ministry Development Conversations, Coaching and Spiritual Direction and speak often of the benefits to their ministry.

As a Presbytery we encourage participation in local, regional and national bodies of the Church and Civic Scotland to ensure that both the voice of Clydesdale is represented in Church bodies, but also that the voice of the Church of Scotland is graciously heard in civic bodies. 

As a Presbytery we genuinely try to support our ministers with friendship, laughter, prayer, discussion groups, coffee outings, meals and more. We invite you to prayerfully consider the vacant charges listed below and consider contacting them for more information. The Presbytery Clerk is also willing to speak confidentially to those considering a vacant charge within the Presbytery.

We pray God's blessing upon your discernment.

“Having felt called to Forth St Paul's church almost two years ago, I have been very pleasantly surprised by Lanarkshire and Lanark Presbytery. I did not really know anything about this area before I came, I hadn't even realised that the area here called Clydesdale is where the large cart-drawing Clydesdale horses originate. The Presbytery is small enough to get to know other members fairly quickly, and I find it a very friendly and supportive Presbytery, with some exciting plans for the future. I am happy to recommend anyone looking for a rural or semi-rural parish, within easy reach of Edinburgh and Glasgow, to seriously consider coming to Lanark Presbytery.”
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There are no current vacant congregations.